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  • She threw it all to the wind & flew towards unknown dreams…

    Hi, I’m Rafaella Fedrigo Korac and I’m a wedding photographer living in Toronto, Canada, with my handsome husband / second shooter, Sasa Korac. Yet, things haven’t always been this way. Born and raised into a large family in Brasilia, Brazil — I grew up spending endless days loving the sun on my skin, listening to songs older than me, feeling the touch of waves and the earth beneath my feet... For all I know, I’ve always just been this clumsy, all-over-the-place, yet utterly creative kid who's got a little too many passions and far too many dreams. My mad addiction for visual arts and creativity sparked around the age of 12 — when I’d often catch myself going through piles and piles of fashion magazines, collecting aimless scraps of my long-term crush Gisele Bundchen, then placing each photo into an well-organized book & mesmerizingly staring at it for countless hours. This obsession later aggravated during architecture school, a craft that (aside from exposing my poor sketching abilities!) inspired me to always keep my eyes wide open and never stop looking for beauty in every possible direction. Finally at 19, reckless and restless, in every direction I went... Beyond an imagination that reached high as the sky, all I had packed was a couple of bags, a few hundred bucks and a free smile. Canada was colder than I ever predicted, but its open roads and possibilities made my heart beat faster. The English somehow came easy, and so did new friends along the way. Attempting to capture every step of my journey, I started shooting with the help of a really bad camera that I had no idea how to use. But sometimes all you need is a big fantasy, a hungry heart and an open mind. This blog is the story of my progression as a self-taught professional and where I hope to share with you my inspirations, my little world & all its beauty. For questions, comments or to simply say hi, please contact me directly at hello@rafaellafedrigo.com

It is 3:45am as we speak and as much as my insomnia hits me right now, I realize it’d be hard to sum up all the things I have to say in a single paragraph; so I’m going to keep it real simple.. This is basically my last week in Brazil and I can’t find words to describe how wonderful this 3-month adventure back home has been.. My friends and family are taking so much care of me and I feel extremely spoiled and lucky to be here.. :) Before this trip started, I promised myself I’d take my time here as my number one priority, living each second without a sight of guilt, stress, or anything real-life related… After all, I had 6 years of catching up to do! haha…  Turns out life these days has been all about savouring everything and everyone to the full-extent, camping, outdoor yoga-ing, hiking, hitting’ the beach, waterfalls and loving every minute of it! Still, between family dinners and sleepovers, I’ve also had the pleasure of photographing tons of beautiful people in even more beautiful places, something I’m completely stoked about!!! My work is somewhat spreading internationally and I feel like my little fantasy land is slowly synchronizing with my ever so dreamed reality..  To help make things happen, I’ve also been putting lots of love and effort into a brand new and exciting project, which I’ll be revealing here soon.. :)

In the mean time, I just wanted to send all my love and positivity to every single one of you and ask you to please never EVER under estimate your abilities, you are capable of everything you’ve dreamed of and so much more!! Simply believe in yourself, focus, and embrace every opportunity without fear.. Good things are about to happen..! <3 PS: Sorry for any typos or disjointed sentencing tonight, my eyes are burning time to go to sleep.. Xx

//São 03:45 nesse momento e apesar da insônia que me atinge, me toquei que seria difícil resumir todas as coisas que eu tenho a dizer em um único parágrafo; então eu vou manter tudo realmente simples.. Esta é praticamente a minha última semana no Brasil e eu não consigo encontrar palavras para descrever o quão maravilhoso esta aventura de 3 meses na minha terrinha tem sido… Meus amigos e familiares estão cuidando direitinho de mim e eu estou me sentindo extremamente mimada e sortuda de estar aqui.. :) Antes desta viagem começar, eu prometi a mim mesma que eu faria do meu tempo aqui a minha prioridade número um, que viveria cada segundo sem um pingo de culpa, stress, ou qualquer coisa relacionado a vida real la fora … Afinal, eu tinha o equivalente a 6 anos de conversa para colocar em dia! haha… Acontece que a vida esses dias tem sido feita de aproveitar a tudo e a todos ao máximo, acampando, praticando yoga ao ar livre, fazendo trilhas, visitando praias, cachoeiras e amando cada minuto disso tudo! Porém ainda assim, entre jantares em família e festinhas de pijama na casa de amigos, eu também tive o prazer de fotografar muita gente maravilhosa em lugares ainda mais maravilhosos, o que me deixa extremamente feliz!!! O meu trabalho esta começando a se espalhar internacionalmente e eu tenho o sentimento de que minha pequena terra de fantasia esta, aos pouquinhos, se sincronizando com a minha realidade tão sonhada… Para ajudar isso tudo acontecer, eu também ando colocando muito amor e esforço em um novo projeto que estarei revelando aqui em breve… :)

…Equanto isso, eu só queria mandar todo o meu amor e positividade a cada um de vocês e pedir que nunca JAMAIS subestime suas habilidades, você é capaz de tudo que você sempre sonhou e muito mais!! Basta acreditar em si mesmo, manter o foco, e abraçar todas as oportunidades sem medo .. Coisas boas estão para acontecer..! <3 PS: Desculpe qualquer erro de digitação ou sentenças desarticuladas esta noite, meus olhos estão queimando hora de dormir! ;*



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    Lindas palavras… Nos resta esperar o seu próximo retornoReplyCancel

  • J Millan

    First of all, I love reading your posts, apart from a great photographer you are an amazing writer.

    Since your stay in Brazil is coming to an end, may I reccomend visiting Mexico?


Six years. It was the time it took for my heart to breath soundly again. I have to admit that looking back at everything I’ve been through during my journey in Canada is a little weird, as never in my life I thought I’d be able to spend 30 full days away from home, let alone 2,190 of them. Cuddling with my mom on a made up bed in her living room as I write this got me thinking I must have been injected with some sort of super power to overcome this craziness. Ahhh, was it hard… But I made it, one day at a time, and the long wait to come home again is finally over.

After missing a flight for lacking a transit visa I had no idea about (lets just blame it on my excitement), a little desperate crying at the airport, almost an hour on the phone with my travel agent, buying a whole new last minute flight and having to travel separately from my dear hubby (whose hand was I supposed to squeeze?!?!), I got on that long waited plane to Brazil. More than the ocasional turbulence, however, what made me tremble most was picturing someone asking me WHY I decided to stay away from home for so long, as I knew my response would likely disappoint. I had more or less 12 hours of flight to think about a wise thing to say, but seemed unable to turn my thoughts into words. A few clouds later, I realized I had no answer, really. The only thing I could tell them is all the things that I learned. I was hungry to find who I am and, since everyone has a different way of doing so, to me it meant getting on a plane at 19, moving to a far away country, and challenging myself until I felt complete inside.

I don’t expect everyone to fully understand this post, all I hope is that you guys understand that this is a much needed break away. I also wish that, whatever position you find yourself in today, you have the strength to follow your heart without ever EVER looking back. After six years of feeling my soul itching on the inside missing all the people that I love, it was the best decision I’ve ever made, and I wouldn’t take one day from it back. The struggle taught me more things than I could ever tell someone, and it rewarded me with many other wonderful individuals who today I’m unable to live without. Thank you with all my heart to every one of you who understood and supported me throughout my journey away from home and to my friends and family in Brazil for making me feel as if I had simply never left. I am truly blessed.

//Seis anos. Este foi o tempo que levou para o meu coração respirar com calma novamente. Eu tenho que admitir que olhar pra trás a tudo que eu passei durante a minha jornada no Canadá e meio estranho pois eu nunca na minha vida pensei que seria capaz de passar 30 dias inteiros longe de casa, imagine 2.190 deles. Estar agarradinha com a minha mae em uma cama improvisada na sala dela ao escrever isso me faz pensar que eu devo ter sido injetada com algum tipo de super poder para passar por cima dessa loucura toda. Ahhh, foi dificil… Mas eu consegui, um dia de cada vez, e a espera para voltar pra casa novamente finalmente acabou.

Depois de perder um voo por faltar um visto de trânsito no qual eu não tinha a minima ideia (poe a culpa no meu entusiasmo), um pouquinho de choro desesperado no aeroporto, quase uma hora no telefone com meu agente de viagem, comprar um novo voo de último minuto e ter que viajar separadamente do meu maridão querido (eu vou apertar a mão de quem gente?!?!) eu entrei naquele avião tao esperado ao Brasil. Porém, mais do que a turbulência ocasional, o que me fez tremer todinha foi imaginar alguém me perguntando o PORQUE de eu ter decidido ficar longe de casa por tanto tempo, pois eu sabia que a minha resposta iria provavelmente desapontar. Eu tinha mais ou menos 12 horas de voo para pensar em uma resposta que agradasse, mas parecia incapaz de transformar meus pensamentos em palavras. Algumas nuvens depois, eu me dei conta de que eu não tinha uma resposta, realmente. A unica coisa que eu poderia dizer a eles e tudo aquilo que eu aprendi. Eu estava com sede para encontrar a mim mesma, e já que cada um tem uma maneira diferente de fazer isso, para mim isso significou entrar em um avião aos 19 anos, mudar para um país distante, e me desafiar até eu me sentir completa por dentro.

Eu não espero que todos entendam este post plenamente, so espero que vocês compreendam que esta é uma pausa muito necessária para mim. Eu também desejo que, seja qual for a situação em que  você se encontre no momento, você tenha a força de seguir o seu coração sem nunca NUNCA olhar para trás. Depois de seis anos sentindo minha alma coçando por dentro, com saudade de todas as pessoas que eu mais amo, essa foi a melhor decisão que fiz na vida, e eu não mudaria um dia sequer disso tudo. O esforço me ensinou mais coisas do que eu conseguiria dizer a alguém, e me recompensou com outras pessoas maravilhosas nas quais hoje sou incapaz de viver sem. Obrigada de todo o coração a cada um de vocês que entenderam e me apoiaram ao longo da minha jornada longe de casa, e aos meus amigos e familiares aqui no Brasil por me fazer sentir como se eu simplismente nunca tivesse saído. Eu sou verdadeiramente abençoada.




The air that I breathe.. Isn’t she gorgeous? Love you mom!


Nothing like Brazilian seafood!! Yuumm..



Thanks to our cousin Fellipe for the unexpected boat ride!! :)



Chilling with the kids..



1/1000 of a second is all the pose lasted.. hahah.. just kidding! ;)



Dad thinking he’s 18 again!



My world!







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    Adorei o post e adoro sua fotos! Essa última ta maravilhosa!!!!ReplyCancel

Sometimes feeling sad or confused makes us begin to find the right path. If we always feel the same things, how will we know how to get to a state of happiness? You must try many sensations, from the ice cold to the very hot in order to learn that good things do exist. You may not be going through any difficulties at this moment. And if that’s the case, be truly thankful! But if you are, know that even sadness is good, as well as confusions. One day you will look back and see that this helped you in some way and it happened for a purpose. If things get though and you spend a sleepless night, remember: This too will pass!” Good morning!!

// “As vezes nos sentirmos confusos ou tristes faz com que a gente comece a encontrar o caminho certo. Se sentirmos a mesma coisa sempre, como vamos saber chegar em um estado de felicidade? E preciso provar varias sensações, desde o muito gelado ao muito quente para saber que as coisas boas existem. Você pode até não estar passando por nenhuma dificuldade neste momento. E se não estiver, agradeça mesmo! Caso esteja, saiba que ate a tristeza é boa, assim como as confusões. Um dia você ira olhar para traz e saber que isso te ajudou de alguma forma e por algum propósito isso aconteceu. Se as coisas ficarem dificeis e você passou a noite em claro, lembre-se: Isso tambem vai passar!” Bom dia!!


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The girl with the contagious smile. Maria’s light hearted ways spreads like wildfire, automatically enchanting any room she walks into. Aside from her inherited Greek features that are both natural and hypnotizing, this is essentially what startled Andrej over 10 years ago, when he spotted her in the library grounds for the very first time. Within days of secretly watching Maria through the cracks in the bookshelves (in the least creepy and most platonic way possible haha), he couldn’t help but tell each of his friends about this girl from work who he suddenly found himself in love with. Within weeks, he found the courage and finally asked that hypnotizing thing out on a date. “Sure, why not?!”, Maria thought to herself; while still blinded from the fact that her world was about to take a romantic twist.

Turns out his politeness, confidence and endless curiosity drew her in within seconds and made Andrej one appealing gentleman in the course of one or two sentences exchanged. It’s hard to blame Maria when this is visibly how most people (myself included) feel as they experience the thrill of meeting this guy. Aside from utterly charming and easy to talk to, Andrej has the magical power of making any stranger feel like a good old friend of his. At least this was my impression when my then-almost-boyfriend Sasa decided to introduce me his best friend. Two kisses on the cheek and a tight hug (the good ol’ European way) later, Andrej and I found ourselves diving into meaningful debates between endless topics. Right then and there, he had unintentionally helped me check that make-sure-your-new-boyfriend’s-got some-decent-friends so called box. Right then and there, I had unknowingly gained a great new friend who, artlessly, led me to another wonderful one.

Andrej and Maria, the world should be made of more people like you. While we realize your souls are impossible to replicate, we feel extremely thankful for every minute spent soaking up the good times; whether it is during a random drive in the middle of the night, a mid-snowstorm road trip, or purely while watching a movie until we each pass out on our unfairly cozy couch. We have no words to describe how refreshing it is to have friends like you that, regardless of where we are or what we’re doing, we can simply treasure being around. Thank you for being such an essential part of our lives and making our journey a much more enjoyable one! Much love, Rafa.


White and gold, a match made in heaven!! Shoes by BCBG.



Special thanks to Mehnaz Khan for the incredible job with hair and make-up…



…and to the ever attentive Nicole for the mid-morning toast!!



Uh, baby girl… If we do look alike as some people tend to say, I can die happy now!


How sweet is Maria’s niece and flower girl, Chrissa?


I tried convincing her of trading eyes with me but it didn’t go too well haha…


As part of a Serbian tradition, Andrej’s dad surprised them with Trubaci (balkan style brass band) to help celebrate the day! After first showing up at Andrej’s place, the band then joined him and their families to pick up the bride, just as they traditionally would back home…


Left: The proud dads celebrate the union of two cultures into one big family with a happy dance. Right: Sasa holds the Bardaklija (cantina for Rakija, a Serbian spirit that gets passed around throughout the day), adding an extra dose of character and tradition.


Impossible to describe vitality of this moment with words…


Pero, Andrej’s little brother, was the lucky one chosen to lead the way out to the bride. Her infectious energy rubbed off on everyone.

IMG_5671-_rafaellafedrigoMeanwhile, Andrej seemed interested in what his little godson Brane had to say.




It was such a fascinating experience to witness and capture an Orthodox ceremony for the first time… There’s just something so passionate about it! The priest began by handing the bride and groom white candles, which symbolize their spiritual willingness to receive Christ in their life.



The tradition calls that the guests simply stand next to each other, forming a circle of love around the altar. You could truly feel everyone’s affection exuding in the air!

IMG_6291_rafaellafedrigoThe bride and groom were then blessed with two wedding crowns, symbolizing the sealing of their union…



…and led around the table three times, as an expression of joy.



Upon their exit, the celebration went on with never-ending dancing and live music…


Maria’s equally gorgeous twin sister / made-of-honour, Nicole, spent the entire day bouncing in happy circles.



Magazine material guys. Really. ;)


Haha.. I just love you to bits and pieces!!




IMG_7229-bw_rafaellafedrigoThough our friend Andrej is not a big fan of taking pictures, I’m convinced we’ve found his hidden talent!!

IMG_7226-_rafaellafedrigoYou, beautiful you… <3



And the rest of the night was spent just like this… Dancing while happily nestled between each other’s arms!


  • Ranka Matejic

    It truly was a beautiful wedding of two wonderful people very much in love. Wishing you both all the best in your life together as husband and wife.
    Love you lots.
    Teta RankaReplyCancel

  • Patrice Villa-Real

    Parabéns e muitas felicidades ao casal!

    Pessoas encantadoras que nos acolheu como “velhos” amigos, como disse a Rafa.

    Fotos maravilhosas Rafa!!

    Mil vezes parabéns!!ReplyCancel